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Should I wear the red shoes or black shoes, which would go well with this dress? Being torn between two options of items is a common dilemma faced when it comes to dressing. There comes a point when one is torn between two items and they have to decide on one. Perhaps it’s not between two shoes  necessarily –  that’s probably a shoes-type-of-girl’s personal headache,  maybe your a guy and it’s a  tie, or a shirt or some other item.

A lot goes into dressing up. First, the thinking begins – don’t tell me am the only one with an imaginary version of my closet in my head! I start browsing through options of what I am going to wear ahead of time if am aware of an event am attending or am trying to create a certain look.  Mind you, this initial process takes place all in thought.

It’s no wonder when I am facing my closet, like most women after creating Mt. Icanfindanythingtowear, I find my self frustrated and whining out the common phrase, ” I have nothing to wear”. It never fails!

Then there’s the second push, a sincere effort to find something because to be honest there is a lot to wear.  And to be honest if for every time we think we don’t have anything to wear, we actually bought more clothes, we would be short of having a hording intervention.

So, we try and here is when the details matter most.  In the second attempt , I don’t just throw stuff on, run to the mirror, access the ensemble and then toss it if it’s not meeting my vision. A much more analytically approach to dressing is awakened in this round. Questions such as , ” How can I make this dress more elegant, or what jewelry will add the right pizzazz with this piece?” are suddenly explored.

It really comes down to the details of details, these decisions  sometimes leaves one with such a close tie and here’s when most women enlist their male companions or fellow female friends for further scrutiny of which will be the best fit. I know the commercial of the female asking her significant other, ” honey, which shoes?” and him looking widely lost because they all look the same is suddenly playing in your head, no?

Anyhow, we all have reached this dichotomous point before, some find themselves here often and others less. Which are you? Do have a mental debate outlining why you should wear, say item A over B? Or are you one who would rather run to someone and have them pick something? How is this decision made? What is the process like?

Here’s a few things to consider if you find yourself in such a fashion quandary, these are my ABC detail decision breaker.

(A) Do I want to do the norm or do I want to be experimental and stand out?

Let me explain.  When you’re torn between two fashion items, if you have to pick quickly, you’ll pick your default, not-out-there option if your a minimalist. If your not then you’ll pick the latter. Lets say it’s a multicolored dress with some black detailing and your deciding to wear a black shoes or a leopard print shoes.  If you answer the question and decide you want to do the norm and not-stand out, then you’ll pick the black shoes so as not to stand-out and besides the dress has some black in it so your playing up the color. If you answer I want to stand out then you know which you’ll pick. Audience is certainly a factor in this choice as well. What is the event, who’s presence will you be gracing? Then again decided on the question, ” Do I want to do the norm or do I want to be experimental and stand out?”

(b) Which, between which ever two option I am torn between, is most true to my personal style?

It’s essential that one dresses in clothing that exerts personal confidence. We feel the way we dress. If you chose something that isn’t necessarily you simply because your trying to fit in, then you may not be comfortable. Let’s say your not too fond of garish, gaudy jewelry but your torn between wearing such a piece and something much more subtle. Well, which is more you? Do not wear that huge, abstract necklace if people starring at it or making it a point of conversation makes you feel awkward.  First rule in dressing: where what you want to wear and wear what you are!

(C) Can I find a middle ground between the two options?

This last option is crucial if you’re severely confused and undecided. If you really think that lace top looks hot with the fitted, turquoise sheer skirt yet you also like the simple beige shirt then maybe find the best thing between the two.  Ask more questions of yourself to help find a middle ground. What about option “A” do I like most, what is making option “B” equally attractive to me?  What if I choose option “B” and to satisfy my need for texture, which is what the lace was giving me in option “A”, I add texture by carrying a clutch with multiple texture instead, or I put a hair accessory, etc…

It’s best to have a thought-process to go to immediately when torn between items of clothing. Otherwise,  next thing you know time is running out and you have to be dressed and on your way in minutes – and for god’s sake you just can’t decide on anything!

” My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything_even if you have no clue what you are doing.” Jessica Alba

Stylish Sana

3 thoughts on “Detail Decisions

  1. Thank you Sana for such an insightful read! I am always at a dilemma with my closet. Wearing and tossing; before I know it I’m buried in a pile of clothes. Not to mention, time is just never on my side. Gosh it certainly helps to have a personal stylist, but with today’s economic conditions I’ll wear my confidence out the door,thanksverymuch,haha!

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  3. stylishsana says:

    No prob! I think most women can relate to this! I find my self torn when I try to dress out of emotion than strategy. You wear the dress and your like it just doesn’t feel the way I thought it would feel! Now you start destroying your closet to get that feeling and suddenly time is no longer on your side – yikes!!

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