Once I Came Out, I Never Went Back!



Once I Came Out, I Never Went Back
Our personality and lifestyle choices certainly influences our sense of style; fashionably or even in choosing decorative items. Nate Berkus has a magnetic natural finesse for interior designing. He continues to wow us with his ability to renovate the dullest living spaces into a utopian environment of fengshui, or transform castles to feel like it’s floating on a cloud. Hey, our home is meant to feel like our sanctuary, after all. Design, can open up a whole new world to you!

Nate’s career reached its climax when he announced his sexual orientation to his family and the public with ease and confidence.

Only he knew his true self on a deeper level. There was an instant spark of transformation when he accepted his true self and not what his dad or society expects him to be.

Complexity is certainly inherent in our lives, even choices we are easily prone to making can be determined as choices driven by our sense of ego or spirituality, never seemingly easily understood by others. The power that drives our desires and passions lies in our makeup like an astrological imprint of planets frozen in space and vibrating of strong energies beyond us yet manifesting itself before our eyes; and our higher self clings to it and lusts to materialize it. Psychologically, identifying with our own creative map is a rebirth into our true Spirit. Nate has revealed to us his true confessions “Once I Came out, I never Went Back” as a feeling of liberation and owning his individuality. That sense of liberation truly frees us of a psychic space mentally so we are to devote our thoughts into areas of greater purpose. His passion for designing has blossomed when he lived in harmony with himself. Then, he was able to fulfill his passion for design. Be yourself, and your passion and style will shimmer through the surface!

Nate enlightens us by saying, “Your home should tell your story. The way you do that is through your things. #thingsmatter

Yes, we know it’s not so simple to do that with all the expectations we face.
Objectively so many influences affects the nature of individuality and our quality of life. Like a quilt of various components somehow interconnected for the whole being known as wo/man: Heredity, geographical circumstances, nationality, social class, free will, and ever changing influences governing an individual’s complex identity. The most significant part is the belief and nature of our reality/context. Nonetheless, false information gets regurgitated for the purposes of blending in with the rest of civilized individuals. As Virgil has said, “Happy is he who gets to know the meaning for things.” Be nothing but yourself, and you’ll begin to feel and experience the paragon of God’s creation-your ideal self, life, passions, and inspirations.

I am intrigued by the intricate complicated web of our human selves, which are an unmistakable mark of God’s gentle touch.

Image courtesy of Nate Berkus.

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