Flash Fiction: Femme Fatale

A woman is more dangerous than a loaded pistol!

Jealousy and possessiveness were never me!
Until the sexual energy intensified and love became potent.
We are attracted to each other like an unmistakable chemical element that needs its atomic bonds to be its self.

I never knew sex is like a bridge that carries us into other dimensions.
our energy is a tantric union of two spiritual beings;acting like demonic forces erupting from a hidden world. He possessed me, not by my own human choice.
Trust me, it wasn’t by my own Free-Will that I longed for someone.

I cued in to “Adorn You” and we got carried to ecstasy as if it’s the first time that Man has stepped foot in Pluto. Like a nuclear fusion bursting its mass energy our emotions clashed together Fifty Shades Darker, if you know what I mean.
twin-flame soul or not, I’m obsessed!

Volcanic emotional reactions has its flaws,which left a simmering heat of love_hate between us.
I was left broken-hearted, and emitted a black-body of volcanic chaos internally.
He said to me, “It’s because I’m in love with her.”
“I don’t think you know what love is, I screamed inside.

They say you should live life with no regrets.
What about when life pulls its rugs from under your feet,robs you of your happiness,
and then you are clouded with circumstances?

Revenge Surfaces!

Pleasure or pain, loss or gain, praise or blame—all the same!_Taoism

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