Crawling out into the Sunlight!

Phew, finally I’m crawling out of my rock and into the world of writing again…I want to apologize to my faithful readers who have always came back to read my posts and encouraged me to continue. Wow, can’t say I’ve done a fine job with my up to date ideas for “FatalArt” but I will be working on some of the content, and eventually creating a more content focused posts. Thanks a million for your endless support!

The Forbidden Queen

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” ― Émile Zola

To call Maxi a seductive drag-queen would be an understatement of the lowest sort, he is a timeless beauty with a spark of femininity and glamour that cannot be manufactured.

I remember the first time we met in art class at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco; while tempting to contour a nude model in class I was less interested in the nudity of art, but rather…him. Art transcended its meaning as a mirror reflection of some fantasy, but it revealed itself through him in the manner that God has implemented in his soul. I’d dare say he is a modern day Marchesa Luisa Casati. Anaïs Nin beautifully said,“ I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. Anything I can not transform into something marvelous, I let go. Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” Maxi left an ineffable impression on me that’s simply marvelous.

Prior to conversating with Maxi and understanding the meaning of absolute glamour from his prospective, I spent random rainy days on Pier 39 gazing at Alcatraz island. I wondered how Frank Morris and Allen West swam across on that misty night. Inevitably the class was required to meet at The Embarcadero where we would sketch from nature. Maxi, seated next to me, pressed lightly on his sketch book revealing the observation of curious birds as they stood tall on the bars of the Ferry Building Market. We stared in silence analyzing the pleasures of nature as if we were under the tutelage of Monet and his friends painting from nature.

We talked briefly about his hispanic background,makeup, then he showed me more of his sketches. Wow, was I astonished. There I was frustrated and pressing hard on the eraser of my pencil and fettering to illustrate the San Francisco Bay Bridge, while he effortlessly was lost in a reverie of profound artifacts. He showed me the power of transformation not only through his character, but his exuberant quality of making you fall in love with all the facets of life.

Minutes passed before different strangers stopped in awe of Maxi, heads were spinning from his bewitching look. I was a nervous reck from all the attention, I’m sure it’s his usual cup of tea, and if the spot light was on us for much longer I was ready to rush to a near by corner to watch from without. However Maxi attracted all eyes like a bee to a radiant flower, and with his explosive loving personality radiating love to everyone he is pure perfection in all attributes. Anyone who can embrace transformation,like Maxi, renews himself. Friedrich Nitciche had said, ““The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

I salute that spirit in Maxi for embracing transformation in spite of opinions.

Flash Fiction: Femme Fatale

A woman is more dangerous than a loaded pistol!

Jealousy and possessiveness were never me!
Until the sexual energy intensified and love became potent.
We are attracted to each other like an unmistakable chemical element that needs its atomic bonds to be its self.

I never knew sex is like a bridge that carries us into other dimensions.
our energy is a tantric union of two spiritual beings;acting like demonic forces erupting from a hidden world. He possessed me, not by my own human choice.
Trust me, it wasn’t by my own Free-Will that I longed for someone.

I cued in to “Adorn You” and we got carried to ecstasy as if it’s the first time that Man has stepped foot in Pluto. Like a nuclear fusion bursting its mass energy our emotions clashed together Fifty Shades Darker, if you know what I mean.
twin-flame soul or not, I’m obsessed!

Volcanic emotional reactions has its flaws,which left a simmering heat of love_hate between us.
I was left broken-hearted, and emitted a black-body of volcanic chaos internally.
He said to me, “It’s because I’m in love with her.”
“I don’t think you know what love is, I screamed inside.

They say you should live life with no regrets.
What about when life pulls its rugs from under your feet,robs you of your happiness,
and then you are clouded with circumstances?

Revenge Surfaces!

Pleasure or pain, loss or gain, praise or blame—all the same!_Taoism

God is Dead

“God is dead, I said baby that’s fine with me” sings Lana Del Rey, “No one is going to take my soul away.”

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” _Exodus 20:3, not in Lana Del Rey’s “Dark Paradise.” Ahh, the luxury of being in a drug haze, is now in lyrics, folks. Lana Del Rey, modern day song artist and writer, reveals something to us through “Gods and Monsters” about herself. Which far transcends her roll as an inspirational fashion figure or singer, but I believe a held belief in Deism. Who provoked her to express such a darker side of her personality? Which I do applaud her for because “I’m sure her experiences have shaped her to be of such” and many people can relate to her message and the questions that arise, “Is the Universe the creation of a Master Design, or a physical matter that sparked by accident, and anything goes?” Nonetheless, Friedrich Nietzsche would be very impressed by Lana’s message!

I’m still simply mesmerized by her fashion style, but her song gives us an insight into the realm of escapism. She is a woman of intense and platonic extremes, and I find it fascinating. However, a belief in Deism I didn’t see that coming…From the sound of “Gods and Monsters” it looks like on her deathbed she’ll be burning candles to the fallen angel_Lucifer.

David Hume, the deist and many people believe he was an atheist philosopher of the 18th century, went through a similar experience as Lana; he entered into that consciousness where philosophers spend a full lifetime contimplating-life, death, the afterlife, and then gravitating into a black hole of depression. He cried before his final farewell saying, “I am in flames!” His desperation was a horrible scene, according to the famous last words. Prior to the event, the afterlife didn’t exist for Hume, he said, it’s “a most unreasonable fancy.” I suppose, his rejection of a supernatural entity and desperation for “truth” entitles Lana to also reject all conventional religious beliefs and live heavenly on earth_even if it means shooting heroine her entire lifetime.

While fans are screaming, “Me and God Don’t Get Along” It is perpetuating a belief system of a God that does not intervene with the creation of his universe. Is mainstream media broadcasting such a message?

Lets take it down a notch, Lana, you’ve made your point, we’re in an epidemic of influencials under the influence of synthetic altered consciousness(I’m sure you’re thanking LSD for that) Yes, I get your message from “The Neptune World Premiere.” Save me a front seat at your show so I can get a closer look of our 21st century chosen lifestyle.

God is dead and now she,”sings.” It’s Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics whom I concern myself over for his science that’s killing God.

“Life Imitates Art.” Lana Del Rey

The Art of Seduction

Dita Von Teese Fashion Style and The Art of Seduction

When Vintage,Glamour,Sexuality, and Retro is your religion then Dita Von Teese is your Saint! Some might say she is the Queen of Burlesque, or at least second in line to your significant other_Chuckles_

Dita glazes in orange and glitters of gold and enters the stage telepathically sending out her Golden Rule; He who has the Gold makes all the rules! Who knew surrendering while your heart is racing, va va voom, can have any perks?

Dita slithers her figure in Christian Louboutin’s hologram launch in a single unforgettable feminine charm that promises an excitement many don’t want to resist. Oh yes, vintage Glamour can add an ineffable mystery!

What shimmers through about Dita’s fashion style is her love for past eras, from vintage bar ware, cointreau cocktails, to 40’s hair styles and dresses from the 30’s mixed with the 50’s crinkled yet penetrating deep-set eyes. She grew up idolizing the Golden Age Stars, like Rita Hayworth. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph she said, “everything about them was exciting to me.” I can certainly agree with Dita, it’s hard to relate to modern stars. When watching the Oscars, I prefer getting slapped in the head so I can actually see some stars!

For a woman with a big archive of vintage, her closet would make a perfect store. Dita’s lingerie line,Von Follies,empowers women to own their sensuality, and enjoy the rituals of being a woman.

Dita, you’re quite the seductress, as for me Victoria Secret will have to keep lifting up the “babes” until that age when people have to “give old things a new life” and I can indulge in your superior feminine standards.

Glamour is the creation of art and the creation of beauty.” Dita Von Teese

Moody June: A Splash of Turquoise and Sky Blue

June is fast approaching, and lets admit the end of April and May has been a heavy hearted energy for all of us. My compassion and prayers goes out to Oklahoma, and Boston. The 15th of April caused serious turmoil also for stock holders, the gold bubble bursted causing investors to lose tremendous amount of money. It’s been such a fiery and explosive couple of months.

A Splash of turquoise and sky blue might just stimulate us to shake off the tension of Serious April and unpredictable May. Lets channel the lively and exuberant energy of June to clear off our busy bee industrial schedules for a social gathering. You deserve it after all, Miss/Mr. social butterfly, a friendly debate over happy hours doesn’t sound too conservative, but briskly enough for a steamy conversation.

Easy on your ignition cruising the city side of town, fearlessly…Moody June…loves a bit of this and that, choose your short destinations with caution; indecisiveness has never been a sexy gesture. We want all Adventures to be mind blowing, as long as it holds a meaningful purpose. Sprinkle on the colors of Serenity and delight in this hot,social,and novelty June.

“Best Times Ahead!”

Image Courtesy of Instaglamxo

I’m Haunted by Alexander McQueen!

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2013/2014 suspended all thought processes from my analytical mind. The baroque frescoed halls of the Opera Comique was haunted with super models seeming as if they were white and dark apparitions floating before our eyes, as we watch from without. There were probably arched necks hissing at these “foreign entities” swallowing their space. I’ve never been fond of ghosts creeping around any setting, I’d storm right out the door sending a chill vibration through everyone, but this collection has me wishing I was a white apparition crushing my energy into the setting seen in Alexander McQueen’s white and menacing under tone gowns. Beyond words, it’s simply ethereal. The inspiration, is about troubled nuns, mysterious angels, Queen Elizabeth I– and the Virgin Queen. I’ll be that mysterious angel, Alexander McQueen, I have been a fervent lover of your collection if you know what I mean!

What was Sarah Burton_current designer for Alexander McQueen_ trying to achieve with this “modern” collection? Maybe, we are just opening up to the New Age Fashion! Where spirituality and materialism are an Integration of Oneself! Oooh we can only learn from folks who have come to pass, and still breath heavily their left legacies.Their souls might have departed, but they are free to be wherever, and whenever we call on them for inspiration and guidance.

The Rich, Beautiful, and Famous!


I’ve been reflecting, not spending 7 days in meditation like the infamous philosopher Rene Descretez’s, II Meditations, concerning the nature of the human mind, but out of curiosity “Why woman aspire to become Fashion Models”? Is it the “words” that are associated with it? Bewitching Beauty, “Fashion put it all on me” and “Click,click, Flash” fellow fashionista Ciara bedazzles us with. Celebrities and parties are endlessly rejoicing in Great Gatsby’s Revolution, the kind of Glamourous Life that Fergie advices us to aspire to. However way it’s seen, hey I’m convinced I’d want to be apart of the rich,beautiful,and famous.

But what happened to the beauty that William Shakespeare seen in his mistress? He is after all a man of great eloquence and eye for beauty.
He said, ”
My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips’ red:
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damask’d, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound.
I grant I never saw a goddess go:
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground.
And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
As any she belied with false compare.

To him his mistress’ beauty is rare, raw, and the realism of her sensuality fueled their romance.

The feeling of a lover,honestly, glorifying in your unique qualities does leave a permanent mark of admiration that reciprocates between the two of you. However, those words aren’t meant for you to exploit and genuinely believe that you have an advantage over others.

Magazine covers mesmerizes us with faces considered Ideal, according to the Encyclopedia of Modern Beauty, when really modeling is about height, and proportions; so where does iconic beauty fit in to the equation? The glamourous Kim Kardashian hasn’t been featured in Vogue Magazine, is it because she is not beautiful? Obviously, the politics of the industry plays a major role in how these “beautiful faces” will be in demand.

Still…What really justifies beauty from a modeling agency’s prospective? No one can convince me that he has no physical flaws. I’m a self declared analyst and observer of mankind’s physical structures,and there is no specie known to nature that holds no imperfections, or created without an opposite. Even fruits have this insecurity; If your the sweetest peach in the world, there will be someone who hates sweet peaches.

Love yourself as you are because that is the ultimate beauty designed by the great architect himself-God.

The FIAT Music Video_Sexy People_ and its Featured Fashion

Arianna and Pitbull

Music Video Breakdown:

“When I hear the ocean calling” sings Arianna in a hypnotic voice and streams us through an ad campaign featuring guest stars: Charlie Sheen,former 3LW singer Adrianna, Shaggy,and NFL stars Chad Johnson, and former Dez Bryan. We get “Welcomed to Miami” and see surprise guests: mermaids who lose their tops, and dancing seahorses.

Sexy People glamorizes us with Arianna’s Yacht; I suppose only sexy people are seen in those nowadays congregating with Italian FIAT 500 across the Atlantic sea surface. The sexy models strutted down in a white sexy and chic beach suite, which makes the models look like editorial couture beach suite model. The excitement in the video sells the FIAT,and the women’s beach suites. we are yet to see white become a popular chosen color for beach suites by this summer in North America and the US. This leads me to contemplate the rise of trends as being perpetuated by business corporations aiming to whether the retail storms. We get it Pitbull, no one ever said it’s bad to “have fun” while the immigrants and you hawk Italian cars, and rise to fame. It is about publicity after all!

Talk about mixing “Business with Pleasure!” Adrianna ft. Pitbull have their hands full here. Advertising tactics with a spice of creative song lyrics makes this an interesting perspective! Will we see PitBull and his imitated look of James Bond featuring him in GQ Magazine or Vanity Fair?

Detail Decisions

Black&White closets

B&W Closet

Should I wear the red shoes or black shoes, which would go well with this dress? Being torn between two options of items is a common dilemma faced when it comes to dressing. There comes a point when one is torn between two items and they have to decide on one. Perhaps it’s not between two shoes  necessarily –  that’s probably a shoes-type-of-girl’s personal headache,  maybe your a guy and it’s a  tie, or a shirt or some other item.

A lot goes into dressing up. First, the thinking begins – don’t tell me am the only one with an imaginary version of my closet in my head! I start browsing through options of what I am going to wear ahead of time if am aware of an event am attending or am trying to create a certain look.  Mind you, this initial process takes place all in thought.

It’s no wonder when I am facing my closet, like most women after creating Mt. Icanfindanythingtowear, I find my self frustrated and whining out the common phrase, ” I have nothing to wear”. It never fails!

Then there’s the second push, a sincere effort to find something because to be honest there is a lot to wear.  And to be honest if for every time we think we don’t have anything to wear, we actually bought more clothes, we would be short of having a hording intervention.

So, we try and here is when the details matter most.  In the second attempt , I don’t just throw stuff on, run to the mirror, access the ensemble and then toss it if it’s not meeting my vision. A much more analytically approach to dressing is awakened in this round. Questions such as , ” How can I make this dress more elegant, or what jewelry will add the right pizzazz with this piece?” are suddenly explored.

It really comes down to the details of details, these decisions  sometimes leaves one with such a close tie and here’s when most women enlist their male companions or fellow female friends for further scrutiny of which will be the best fit. I know the commercial of the female asking her significant other, ” honey, which shoes?” and him looking widely lost because they all look the same is suddenly playing in your head, no?

Anyhow, we all have reached this dichotomous point before, some find themselves here often and others less. Which are you? Do have a mental debate outlining why you should wear, say item A over B? Or are you one who would rather run to someone and have them pick something? How is this decision made? What is the process like?

Here’s a few things to consider if you find yourself in such a fashion quandary, these are my ABC detail decision breaker.

(A) Do I want to do the norm or do I want to be experimental and stand out?

Let me explain.  When you’re torn between two fashion items, if you have to pick quickly, you’ll pick your default, not-out-there option if your a minimalist. If your not then you’ll pick the latter. Lets say it’s a multicolored dress with some black detailing and your deciding to wear a black shoes or a leopard print shoes.  If you answer the question and decide you want to do the norm and not-stand out, then you’ll pick the black shoes so as not to stand-out and besides the dress has some black in it so your playing up the color. If you answer I want to stand out then you know which you’ll pick. Audience is certainly a factor in this choice as well. What is the event, who’s presence will you be gracing? Then again decided on the question, ” Do I want to do the norm or do I want to be experimental and stand out?”

(b) Which, between which ever two option I am torn between, is most true to my personal style?

It’s essential that one dresses in clothing that exerts personal confidence. We feel the way we dress. If you chose something that isn’t necessarily you simply because your trying to fit in, then you may not be comfortable. Let’s say your not too fond of garish, gaudy jewelry but your torn between wearing such a piece and something much more subtle. Well, which is more you? Do not wear that huge, abstract necklace if people starring at it or making it a point of conversation makes you feel awkward.  First rule in dressing: where what you want to wear and wear what you are!

(C) Can I find a middle ground between the two options?

This last option is crucial if you’re severely confused and undecided. If you really think that lace top looks hot with the fitted, turquoise sheer skirt yet you also like the simple beige shirt then maybe find the best thing between the two.  Ask more questions of yourself to help find a middle ground. What about option “A” do I like most, what is making option “B” equally attractive to me?  What if I choose option “B” and to satisfy my need for texture, which is what the lace was giving me in option “A”, I add texture by carrying a clutch with multiple texture instead, or I put a hair accessory, etc…

It’s best to have a thought-process to go to immediately when torn between items of clothing. Otherwise,  next thing you know time is running out and you have to be dressed and on your way in minutes – and for god’s sake you just can’t decide on anything!

” My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything_even if you have no clue what you are doing.” Jessica Alba

Stylish Sana