The FIAT Music Video_Sexy People_ and its Featured Fashion

Arianna and Pitbull

Music Video Breakdown:

“When I hear the ocean calling” sings Arianna in a hypnotic voice and streams us through an ad campaign featuring guest stars: Charlie Sheen,former 3LW singer Adrianna, Shaggy,and NFL stars Chad Johnson, and former Dez Bryan. We get “Welcomed to Miami” and see surprise guests: mermaids who lose their tops, and dancing seahorses.

Sexy People glamorizes us with Arianna’s Yacht; I suppose only sexy people are seen in those nowadays congregating with Italian FIAT 500 across the Atlantic sea surface. The sexy models strutted down in a white sexy and chic beach suite, which makes the models look like editorial couture beach suite model. The excitement in the video sells the FIAT,and the women’s beach suites. we are yet to see white become a popular chosen color for beach suites by this summer in North America and the US. This leads me to contemplate the rise of trends as being perpetuated by business corporations aiming to whether the retail storms. We get it Pitbull, no one ever said it’s bad to “have fun” while the immigrants and you hawk Italian cars, and rise to fame. It is about publicity after all!

Talk about mixing “Business with Pleasure!” Adrianna ft. Pitbull have their hands full here. Advertising tactics with a spice of creative song lyrics makes this an interesting perspective! Will we see PitBull and his imitated look of James Bond featuring him in GQ Magazine or Vanity Fair?

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