God is Dead

“God is dead, I said baby that’s fine with me” sings Lana Del Rey, “No one is going to take my soul away.”

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” _Exodus 20:3, not in Lana Del Rey’s “Dark Paradise.” Ahh, the luxury of being in a drug haze, is now in lyrics, folks. Lana Del Rey, modern day song artist and writer, reveals something to us through “Gods and Monsters” about herself. Which far transcends her roll as an inspirational fashion figure or singer, but I believe a held belief in Deism. Who provoked her to express such a darker side of her personality? Which I do applaud her for because “I’m sure her experiences have shaped her to be of such” and many people can relate to her message and the questions that arise, “Is the Universe the creation of a Master Design, or a physical matter that sparked by accident, and anything goes?” Nonetheless, Friedrich Nietzsche would be very impressed by Lana’s message!

I’m still simply mesmerized by her fashion style, but her song gives us an insight into the realm of escapism. She is a woman of intense and platonic extremes, and I find it fascinating. However, a belief in Deism I didn’t see that coming…From the sound of “Gods and Monsters” it looks like on her deathbed she’ll be burning candles to the fallen angel_Lucifer.

David Hume, the deist and many people believe he was an atheist philosopher of the 18th century, went through a similar experience as Lana; he entered into that consciousness where philosophers spend a full lifetime contimplating-life, death, the afterlife, and then gravitating into a black hole of depression. He cried before his final farewell saying, “I am in flames!” His desperation was a horrible scene, according to the famous last words. Prior to the event, the afterlife didn’t exist for Hume, he said, it’s “a most unreasonable fancy.” I suppose, his rejection of a supernatural entity and desperation for “truth” entitles Lana to also reject all conventional religious beliefs and live heavenly on earth_even if it means shooting heroine her entire lifetime.

While fans are screaming, “Me and God Don’t Get Along” It is perpetuating a belief system of a God that does not intervene with the creation of his universe. Is mainstream media broadcasting such a message?

Lets take it down a notch, Lana, you’ve made your point, we’re in an epidemic of influencials under the influence of synthetic altered consciousness(I’m sure you’re thanking LSD for that) Yes, I get your message from “The Neptune World Premiere.” Save me a front seat at your show so I can get a closer look of our 21st century chosen lifestyle.

God is dead and now she,”sings.” It’s Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics whom I concern myself over for his science that’s killing God.

“Life Imitates Art.” Lana Del Rey