Port City Models and Talent: The pioneer mind behind the business


Personality, “It justifies my sybaritic, dynamic, and intuitive self. I’ve always been driven by pragmatic outcomes in my life, ”says Caron Bryan, CEO of Port City Models and Talent, http://www.portcitymodels.com/. Caron has acquired much success from her modeling agency located in Maine, Boston, New York, and Miami. She admits that the big trick to building your business is, “to find ways to nurture your network of colleagues – consciously. The networks I’ve developed, clients I’ve delighted, no matter what walks of life they are from, I have celebrated the differences and that has boosted my power and felt presence.” Caron has weathered the modeling industry by withstanding the pressures and challenges of the fashion industry and manifesting her goals- in its developing stages-from concept to a renowned market. It took her eight months to design her opulent website. Once she had enough models to promote she then launched it. Her brand has a powerful presence that has created a halo effect and rubbed off onto many clients and models, and continues to generate and sustain its influential and reputational power.

1: I’m quite inspired by your leadership position in the fashion industry. What would you say has prepared you to be in your current position?
Caron: I was introduced to education at an earlier age, inspiration, and incorporated my hobbies into this carrier field. I would want to tell people to be patient, and to have faith in yourself. Biographies have always inspired me, I took them out of the library and spent a lot of times reading them. I also love reading leadership quotes.

2: What do you like most about your job, and is there anything about it that you would change?
Caron: I love that I launched my business with my strong sense of determination. I’m a type a perfectionist. That makes you driven, creative and business oriented. The joy comes in from having a strong belief in myself, and to help people promote themselves.

3: Passion seems to have been the driving force for you, Caron. Have you faced any oppositions in obtaining your success?
Caron: Oh certainly;I began to study my competition. No matter where you are from the power is within you, but I had to deal with the culture and the politics of success. And not be dragged down. I nodded my head and agreed that the politics tends to suppress the “minority” and adheres to a corporate-supremist view, in fact, overcoming those corporate barriers will allow one to achieve their ultimate goal.

Caron’s leadership position in fashion trademarks her superiority of taste, superior service, and compliments the commitment she conveys onto her clientele. She’s had the pleasure of working with many monarchial industry clients: “Sex and The City” major motion pictures-New York, Clint Eastwood’s “Mystic River”-Oscar Wining Film, New York Fashion Week-Runway, American Idol-Judge and Promotional, London World Music Awards-Celeb Red Carpet Interview, and many more impeccable clients.

4:What are the challenges you have faced as an agent in keeping morals strong and goal attainment a priority?

Caron: Getting jobs for models is crucial. However, the challenge is having them show up for auditions. The more quality his/her portfolio is-editorial high fashion- the more chances he/she has of getting the job. In this smaller market I have to be more hands on, and become their guide to increase their chances of booking the job.

I shrugged my head in disbelief. The modeling industry is competitive. Clients seeking models are in constant demand for distinctive features with an incredible vibrancy, yet the model must also have an oddness that conforms to the client’s standards.

5:What is considered a “unique look” that immediately compels your clients to her/his allure/personal magnetism?

Caron: This is a tough one, because each client has his/her own distinct preferences. What I have personally noticed is the contradictions in a model can seem to win my client over. Such as the -conformity to blend in (runway, print, promotional, etc. types), and their individuality to stand out.

6: Are there different challenges when working with volunteers, Caron, versus paid employees/models?

Caron: I get a gently elbow in the rib. “ Eyy volunteering is a great way to get into the business. It tells me how hungry for knowledge or the experience someone is, and their urge to learn about the industry. I’m always honored to help guide those individuals who are grateful, and have an appreciation for everything.

7: From a classical view of social responsibility, Milton Friedman, argues that mangers’ or ceo’s, primary responsibility is to operate the business in the best interest of the stockholders, whose primary concerns are financials. He further explains that when managers use their resources for the good of society, they will have to compensate for that loss by passing it onto consumers/clients through higher prices, or in this case….high booking fees. Would you still engage in social responsibilities without increasing booking fees?

Caron: I make it a priority to engage in social affairs regarding environmental concerns without receiving something in return.

8: How is the agency doing with fundraising, volunteerism, and success with clients that you have assisted?
Caron: It’s doing wonderful, we are actively involved with:
-Cancer Community Center
-Dress for Success

9: What is the agency’s organizational culture like, any core values that employees must conform to? How do you make sure that they maintain this culture?

Caron: The Sheer attractiveness of Port City Models and Talent is definitely its organizational structure and sophistication. I do lead with an omnipotent business approach, which motivates each model towards achievement, and professional recognition. A dominant feature of Port City Models and Talent is the personalized service that lavishes onto each client, and model. Our honesty lights up the eyes of prospective clients, and past clients have commended a vote of confidence in our ability to meet their standards

10: As a fashion student, I’m always interested in learning from successful leaders. What advice can you leave to those inspired by the fashion industry?

Caron: Consider the big picture, in whatever concentration of fashion you take. If it’s going to be a big decision five years from now, and work towards that goal. Except that wrong decisions can happen, and still rise from it. Always see beyond your limitations. As I have mentioned before the power is definitely within you, and not your competitor.

Her words have left an indelible impression on me. There’s something ineffable about her charisma, and ability to be fully engaged in life, and I know those qualities are fine examples of her regal leadership position.