The Art of Seduction

Dita Von Teese Fashion Style and The Art of Seduction

When Vintage,Glamour,Sexuality, and Retro is your religion then Dita Von Teese is your Saint! Some might say she is the Queen of Burlesque, or at least second in line to your significant other_Chuckles_

Dita glazes in orange and glitters of gold and enters the stage telepathically sending out her Golden Rule; He who has the Gold makes all the rules! Who knew surrendering while your heart is racing, va va voom, can have any perks?

Dita slithers her figure in Christian Louboutin’s hologram launch in a single unforgettable feminine charm that promises an excitement many don’t want to resist. Oh yes, vintage Glamour can add an ineffable mystery!

What shimmers through about Dita’s fashion style is her love for past eras, from vintage bar ware, cointreau cocktails, to 40’s hair styles and dresses from the 30’s mixed with the 50’s crinkled yet penetrating deep-set eyes. She grew up idolizing the Golden Age Stars, like Rita Hayworth. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph she said, “everything about them was exciting to me.” I can certainly agree with Dita, it’s hard to relate to modern stars. When watching the Oscars, I prefer getting slapped in the head so I can actually see some stars!

For a woman with a big archive of vintage, her closet would make a perfect store. Dita’s lingerie line,Von Follies,empowers women to own their sensuality, and enjoy the rituals of being a woman.

Dita, you’re quite the seductress, as for me Victoria Secret will have to keep lifting up the “babes” until that age when people have to “give old things a new life” and I can indulge in your superior feminine standards.

Glamour is the creation of art and the creation of beauty.” Dita Von Teese