Moody June: A Splash of Turquoise and Sky Blue

June is fast approaching, and lets admit the end of April and May has been a heavy hearted energy for all of us. My compassion and prayers goes out to Oklahoma, and Boston. The 15th of April caused serious turmoil also for stock holders, the gold bubble bursted causing investors to lose tremendous amount of money. It’s been such a fiery and explosive couple of months.

A Splash of turquoise and sky blue might just stimulate us to shake off the tension of Serious April and unpredictable May. Lets channel the lively and exuberant energy of June to clear off our busy bee industrial schedules for a social gathering. You deserve it after all, Miss/Mr. social butterfly, a friendly debate over happy hours doesn’t sound too conservative, but briskly enough for a steamy conversation.

Easy on your ignition cruising the city side of town, fearlessly…Moody June…loves a bit of this and that, choose your short destinations with caution; indecisiveness has never been a sexy gesture. We want all Adventures to be mind blowing, as long as it holds a meaningful purpose. Sprinkle on the colors of Serenity and delight in this hot,social,and novelty June.

“Best Times Ahead!”

Image Courtesy of Instaglamxo