Flash Fiction: Madame Serpent


10. Whispers of satanic worship commanded her to execute the spell.
9. The walls marked unexplained symbols engraved against the stones.
8. She seen an apparition emerge from her juvenile cell.
7. What once stood there was a sanatorium.
6. He departed, but his spirit stayed.
5. She felt his cold touches.
“I’ll free you from here Miss Gemini!_your dare devil side_” His voice roared like a thunderous lion. “And grant you the recognition and success of a Fashion Icon. You are not just Selling your Soul for an exclusive prestige. It’s shedding off your skin and evolving into a Mystical Butterfly.
4. Mesmerized by his offer, she agreed.
3. But on a second thought, dehumanize them all.
2. For sacrifice.
1. Revenge!

Image courtesy of Serkan Mumcuoglu (Art Director and Photographer)

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