The Bewitching Scorpio and Her Fashion Sense

Scorpio Fashion1

Scorpio Fashion2

Scorpio Fashion4

Scorpio Fashion5

Scorpio Fashion6

Scorpio Fashion7
Image courtesy of Instaglamxo

“You want a love that consumes you (Fashion is that aphrodisiac, yes ma’am) you want passion and a little bit of danger.” Damon_Vampire Diaries

You want to possess that explosive power to rule, if possible, even a corner of the earth, secretively; and you enmesh your seductive sense of fashion for that desire to sedate, possess, and transform. You are a natural born Femme Fatale. Others are drawn to you like a moth to a flame, needless to see, you’re strikingly ready to subdue your prey with your venom.

You shield yourself in dark garments; hints of burgundy, menacing undertone gowns, and show layers of yourself with a heavy amorous disposition as you sip on those full bodied and velvety red wines.

Your natural inclination for secrecy twists other’s thought processes into displaying an uncontrolled urge to devour your ideas into pieces. Instinctively, you know that shinning a light on the inner dimension of emotions isn’t everyone’s idea of a “fun time”.

Your soul searches for complex mental stimulation, like the melodies fusing from creation’s subatomic waves, or the sound of the oceans swooshing its molecules for your serenity.

The heavens gaze at your inner silence as you watch from without contemplating the purpose of its existence.

Removed from reality you spark of God, and feel struck by his presence. To expect nothing from the world, but to know the meaning of its existence, is your higher octave realm.

Cosmologically why is it there? You question. Why, also, invest in celestial engineering to dominate the universe next door (Andromeda) if it’s not you who has yet to come with a solution?

If you were not to exist where would you be? You ask yourself. Is this what being in the abyss means?

Scorpio, you’ve had your fair share of pain (ahuh, we know it hasn’t been simple), and a sting in your heart from familiar faces that have faded throughout time.

Not seeing the light nor the atoms engraved in your eyelashes hasn’t disproved the state of its being. In fact, you are consumed by your own desires, and long for intensity in what is considered “unordinary.”

With time, your plutonic mind has realized words shouldn’t be decorative ornaments placed in space to convey the truths of reality; It has perpetuated itself to become nonsensical.

Given the intensity and turbulence you have faced, you are the phoenix rising out of its own ashes. Your gracious style shows your aura to heal and transform even the wounded spirits that have merged with your soul’s innate strength.

“ Certain dark things are to be loved in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” Pablo Nuroda

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