Flashback: Dancing and Grooving to the Ecstatic Zenith and Jazz Rhythm


(image courtesy of the Sartorialist

I received a call unexpectedly from my friend who invited me out to an evening themed party, that I didn’t even realize could still be manifest in this day and age. I left my apartment feeling insecure in a white ruffled dress, and my hair sleeked in a bun. The idea of a party evening like the gatherings at “The Great Gatsby” mansion didn’t sound too bad, but was unusual for me and outside of my comfort. “What the heck”! I said out loud, as my lanky legs moved forward towards the stairs leaving my apartment. Wow, flashes of flappers gathered at the Speakeasy shops during the prohibition era crossed my mind. I immediately dismissed my penetrating thoughts trying to make sense of what the “heck” flappers wore, and what I had on.

My friend was parked outside, with a bashful smile across his face, waiting on me.
As his eyes fell on me, he yelled out cheerfully, “honey, your dress is immaculate. I shook my head, and slammed my butt onto the passenger seat. Minutes passed before we had finally reached the corridor.  I could hear my heart beat trembling with excitement.  Rhythms of Jazz graced my virgin ears; and I felt my sweat pouring out of my pores from nervousness.  But the purity of white that was immanent that evening on everyone cleansed all dark corners of my negative thoughts about my loaded stress, and work. The sound of the music notes piercing through my ears allowed me to wriggle my hips unconsciously. It was a transforming experience that unknowingly I desired to experience. 

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