Men’s Wear Trend


Talk about living heavenly on Earth immersed in natural tones of green in Dak’s RTW velvet pants crushing its color gainst a blue sky, or an office lit lighting.  2013 Men’s Wear trend has exceptionally heightened our senses to a celestial level. From London, Paris, New York to Milan, Men’s Wear Trend marks the epidemic of attractive, sophisticated, refined, and a possessive kind of flair for men that is almost cunning, but remains tantalizing.

Shown: Daks RTW Fall 2013, MR. Green, graces us with an unmistakable unisex appeal with a hint of its own mystery. The drapery of the fabric gently dances with the swaying of the hips inducing that allure as if he is sashaying. If a soft textured velvet drape mesmerizes us all to this extent, why not wear it? It’s sensual, and I’ve never met anyone who has declared sensuality a sinful form of artistry. Daks RTW along with the prestige of other men designer’s this season have enlightened the true renaissance hearted, and romanticized it with magnetic colors that reflects haute couture’s fantasy hues and natural earth tones.

Many people aren’t head over heels over Men’s RTW, but this season’s men’s fashion reveals a new kind of “it” man. The one that stands looking outside of his office window waiting for the next client and shockingly stops all your nerve endings from rushing blood to your head.  All of a sudden, an astonishing wave of tremendous fascination gleams in your eyes and you’re stricken by the simplicity of the interwoven fiber, prints or textures harmoniously illuminating a man of great status, sex appeal, or bold individuality.

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