Heather Scholl has impeccably revealed the hidden expression of queer culture. The avant-garde designs inspire an instant fascination with duality.  She has crystallized an expression for each silhouette, intuitively.  The blue tight fitted maxi dress isn’t just a constructed dress; it’s rather a social history of culture, a reflection of aspects of queer representation. The collection sends a sedative wave of dignified energy as an inseparable part of the woven tapestry experiencing the duality of glamour and pain. Each garment is independent of the modern world it’s in, refined, emotional but transcendent. The eccentric silhouettes strutting down the runway has a pure reference and resonance to the one embracing him/herself wholeheartedly. The future oriented styles are striking, and attracts the attentions of admirers who are intrigued by one’s acceptance for feeling as One with All his human selves. 

Anyone with a deep attachment to the community will find it soothing and penetrating to arouse his/her sensibility to the unstructured designs, that is surrounded by notes of handmade beadwork, embellishment, and the unmistakable feeling of luxurious cotton and wool draping against the skin. Scholl said she designs for, “someone who squeals at the excitement and the creativity involved.  Who is excited to push you to create more just so they can have a closet full of completely unique and original garments.  And a pretty fabulous fuck off attitude that makes you want to fall in love with her.” It would be impossible not to become swept away by the ultra edgy looks which graces us all with very subtle touches, yet satisfies the complexity of ones’ demands.

The collection captivates the essence of the community that embraces dualism and integrates it as part of a unifying whole; together, the harmony is celebrated loudly and screams of panache.  The geometric cut biases effortlessly fuses in this ready to wear collection, leaving a strong statement of high voltage glamour, dignity, and renewed vitality. 

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